ASAP Talent Tips: Hire Top-Tier SAP Executives

SAP plays a pivotal role in shaping today’s business strategies and operations; thus, the need to hire top SAP executives has become common due to the proliferation of SAP solutions in the global economy.

According to SAP, 99 of the 100 largest companies in the world and 80% of SAP customers are small and medium enterprises, substantiating that SAP is an intricate part of the digital transformation.

This five-tip talent guide highlights strategies to enable your organization to attract and hire the top-tier SAP executives:

1. Define Clear Role Requirements:

Begin by leveraging your organization’s clearly defined role requirements and responsibilities for each specific executive level role. Prioritize key skills, experiences, and qualifications for each respective position, including expertise in SAP modules, project management, leadership capabilities, and strategic vision. With a specific outline of role requirements aligned to business focus areas and timing, you are prepared to precisely target the leader who will successfully address and progress your organization's goals. HR professionals should consider collaborating with executive recruiters to develop a robust candidate profile and screening criteria tailored to your organization's requirements.

2. Emphasize Company Culture and Values:

Top SAP executives proficient in SAP technologies should also align with your organization's culture and values. Highlight your company's mission, vision, and culture during the recruitment process to attract candidates who resonate with your organizational ethos. It’s essential to assess the candidate’s cultural fit and leadership values to determine alignment with your organization's vision and values. Prioritize candidates who demonstrate distinct leadership traits, strategic thought leadership, collaborative posture, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, and a proven track record of driving effective organizational change. Evaluation should also include an assessment of candidate’s  ability to foster relationships, influence decisions, inspire teams, navigate and solve complex challenges, and deliver results in a dynamic environment.

3. Offer Competitive Compensation Packages:

Competitive compensation packages typically reflect the candidate's experience, expertise, market value, perceived organizational impact, performance-based incentives, stock options and executive-level benefits. Consider highlighting opportunities for professional growth, mentorship programs, leadership training, professional associations and exposure to senior leader forums to showcase the level of committed investment in the candidate’s career journey.

4. Conduct a Rigorous Interview Process:

When evaluating potential candidates for SAP executive roles, assess technical proficiency, leadership, and innovation traits, and problem-solving skills. Utilize behavioral-based interview questions to gauge candidates' past experiences and decision-making abilities in challenging situations. Engage key stakeholders from different departments in the interview process to gain diverse perspectives on candidate suitability.

5. Leverage Executive Search Firms Specialized in IT:

Executive search firms encompass extensive networks and databases filled with highly qualified candidates, many of whom aren't actively seeking new opportunities but could be enticed by an organization with a compelling opportunity. The addition of this passive talent pool is often unreachable through traditional recruitment channels. The always-on capability to tap into a broadened network of high-caliber candidates ensures significant hiring confidence and tangible return on your investment. Learn more (CTA to the ROI of Hiring an Executive Search Firm)

The top SAP executives remain a common requirement for many businesses; therefore, it is critical to prioritize role requirements aligned to business, offer competitive compensation packages, and demonstrate your company’s “why” to compel top SAP leaders to join your organization in today's competitive landscape.

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