Community Care for Juneteenth

During mid-June, the ASAP and VMG families gather at Stone Mountain. We lace up our shoes for a purposeā€”to walk two or five miles, hand in hand, with our community. But that’s just the beginning. Together, we assemble hundreds of food bags, brimming with care and nourishment, destined for families in need right here in our area.

In the tender memory of Cynthia Prather, whose passion ignited the spark for the VMG Walks series, we carry forward her legacy of kindness and community empowerment. Cynthia’s spirit lives on in every step we take and every bag we pack. Her vision guides us as we strive to educate and inspire, focusing on the power of nutrition and healthy habits. Through our efforts, we aim to break down barriers, ensuring everyone has equal access to the nourishing food they deserve.

This cherished annual event isn’t just about miles walked or bags filled; it’s a celebration of unity and compassion that extends far beyond ourselves. We welcome friends from Metro Atlanta and beyond, because we believe that together we can build a healthier, happier community, one step and one bag at a time to make a world of difference.

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