ASAP Talent Releases New Pricing Menu Offering Clients More Options.

ASAP Talent Services is known throughout North America as one of the leading specialty search firms, helping companies hire SAP Professionals and Cyber Security Professionals at all levels including CIO, CISO, Director, Manager, and individual contributor roles.   ASAP’s SAP Recruiting Team has placed technical, functional, sales, and business development professionals throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada for many of the world’s leading companies.

To better serve it’s client companies, ASAP Talent Services has released a Pricing Menu to give customers some flexibility and choice in the best way to partner.  It’s a client-centric approach offering different levels of partnership based on the urgency and impact of the search need and also based on how the company prefers to partner with a search firm.   The different type of pricing options for SAP, Cyber Security, and Public Board of Director searches can include any of the following options which range from 33% of Total Compensation all the way to higher-volume retained projects with a custom bid that may result in each search fee under 18%.

  • Executive Retained Search – typically for C-Level or Board Level Search and comes with all the bells & whistles
  • Priority Engaged Search – strong partnership & shared risk, for higher sense of urgency and/or high-impact positions.  Small engagement fee with bulk of the fee after start date
  • Exclusive Contingency Search – offers slight discount over traditional contingency model if the client chooses only one external search firm.  All risk on the agency and fee is due after the new hire starts
  • Performance Based Search – Exclusive/Contingent Option with shared risk.  The faster the client interviews and makes an offer, the lower the fee is from a sliding scale of 20% up to 27.5%.  In this model, ASAP Talent Services has an agreed upon Performance Guarantee (often a guarantee to present 5 qualified candidates within 10 business days)
  • Standard Contingency Search – Allows for multiple firms, all risk on agency.  Lower form of partnership with no guarantees.  Best for lower level roles and/or if timing of the new hire isn’t that critical.  Lower sense of urgency and/or if a company policy dictates that they have to use 3-5+ recruiters simultaneously

The President & Founder of ASAP Talent Services, Jeremy Sisemore, says “Clients want to have flexibility in how they partner with search firms and by offering different pricing options and levels of partnership, we hope our services are appealing to a broader range of clients.”   Erek Gerth, Co-founder said, “Many of our clients may want to chose different pricing options throughout the year for different searches, or may want to get a custom bid so they can get a retained search effort for very competitive prices by negotiating a higher-volume project and giving all the business to one firm.  I think it’s a smart way to work with a firm, whomever a client chooses.   But when a recruiting firm knows that they are the only firm working on a search, they give the absolute best effort for clients to make sure they canvass the market and can present candidates based on total fit rather than feeling like they are in a race.”

Companies that are hiring SAP, Salesforce, CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, or Cyber Security professionals can benefit from working with a niche and boutique search firm like ASAP Talent Services.  Many I.T. Professionals have built trusted relationships with the recruiting team at ASAP Talent Services over the past 15 years and answer their calls in a 2016 world where many are desensitized by the constant dinging of an email, a tweet, a Facebook message, a LinkedIn Inmail, a Google Hangout or Whatsapp message, Text message, etc.  There is a huge benefit in working with a firm that has been specializing in the same exact type of search for well over a decade, that can have an intelligent conversation with your hiring manager and the candidates throughout the interviewing process.

Click HERE To Download Detailed Pricing Menu.


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