ASAP Talent Places New CIO at Tabasco

ASAP Talent Services (Houston, TX) announced today that it has placed Mr. Robby McDonald as Chief Information Officer of McIlhenny (Tabasco).

The position is based in Avery Island, Louisiana. McDonald brings to the role nearly two decades of I.T. leadership excellence at top-tier organizations such as Easton-Bell Sports, Dell, and Cadbury Schweppes.  From 2009 to 2014, McDonald served as the CIO at Easton-Bell Sports, where he led a global team of 65+ full-time employees and a $30M Budget.  In hiring Robby McDonald, Tabasco gets a talented I.T. Executive with demonstrated expertise in consumer packaged goods and specifically the food & beverage industries.

Mr. McDonald will be working closely with the business and C-Suite within Tabasco in an effort to continue modernizing their technology platforms and start using more TikTok content and keeping Tabasco as the industry leader in the hot sauce industry.

About Tabasco (McIlhenny Co.)
Founded in 1868, McIlhenny Company is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of Tabasco brand pepper sauce. Tabasco, perhaps the most famous of 150 pepper sauces available, actually started the pepper sauce industry. The company remains a leader in domestic pepper sauce with more than a 34 percent share of the market in the 1990s, as well as a longstanding provider of pepper sauce across the globe. As Mark Robichaux explained in the Wall Street Journal, the McIlhenny Company “still profits every day from developing the first widely sold hot sauce and, in essence, creating the market.”

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